A man, a story, his perfume

The life of a man can be written in many ways, but there are few stories that can really leave a mark in the time and that, therefore, it is worth telling. And do not forget.

During this century, the political scene and cultural and artistic side of our continent that includes big names thanks to their efforts, their discoveries and their genius has been able to contribute significantly to the development of Europe and beyond.
There are stories that are not in great books, stories of men less known but no less significant, and that somehow they also participated in the creation of timeless symbols.

The story of one of these men come to us today thanks to a
fragrance, a testimony of his heroism, his grit and flavor of his noble Anglo-Saxon class. A British born in Manchester, whose name we do not know, but who knew how to distinguish himself through love for his country, his ideals and his family. In particular, for his daughter, Rose. A true love and courage, as described in the pages of the great adventure novels, which led him to enlist to attend the Second World War in defense of everything he believed in and of passions. From this adventure our hero came out, winner and safe , even if deeply marked by the horrors and atrocities of the fighting. Back to care for his small, beloved daughter he decided to realize his child small and great dream. With his plane from Manchester departed for Italy, and he settled in the small rural Varese with the desire to start a new life, away from an unjust and violent past. And in Italy he had the idea of creating a perfume, which was called Rose Manchester, as a sweet dedication and intense love sign of a father to his daughter, a hymn to life, joy and young years thoughtlessness girl.

In Varese over the years he developed this idea into a real company that, after the death of his father, was continued by his daughter until 1985.
A fragrance that embodies the values of the true man, who cares for his own identity and who knows how to get what he wants, without fear and at the same time, without giving up his ideals and his own style.
An elegant and timeless style, able to emerge today from the incredible fragrance of this perfume imprinted on the skin and heart, of those who wear it.