Private Label

Perfume is the business card that speaks of us, identifies us, represents us, distinguishes us and sometimes reveals our personality.

A useful element in the customer loyalty process. The scent has the characteristic of establishing a completely unique link with the final consumer. Colors, perfumes and music contribute to the unconscious buying behavior within the store.

Profumitalia, after seventy years and now the third generation in the perfumery industry, is one of the most reliable producers in the field of “private labels”.

Our mission is to preserve the wonderful Italian artisan tradition by integrating it with a managerial and modern vision.

We guarantee the development of the customized project from the creation, the choice and the assembly of materials, until the product arrives in our customer’s warehouse, following all processes internally.

We distinguish ourselves as one of the few companies in the world that uses profumers within their organization; this guarantees the consistency of the project and the highest quality at an absolutely competitive price.