Pineider began in 1774 in Florence, where Francesco Pineider opened his first shop in Piazza della Signoria.

He began to produce sophisticated stationery, offering embossed paper in different colors and types.

Soon Pineider’s fame expanded past Italy’s borders. His products were used by some of the most notable writers of the time including Stendhal, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, Leopardi, and Charles Dickens. The tradition says that Napoleon has stopped in the historic Florentine workshop.

As its reputation for excellence continued to grow, Pineider became the official stationer of the Savoy Royal Italian family.

Today Pineider is brand that denotes pride, quality, and craftsmanship: it was chosen as the Italian Government’s official supplier for gifts to heads of states at the 2009 G8 event in L’Aquila.


All of the Pineider Eau de Parfums embody the spirit and philosophy of the company’s founder. They are masterpieces enclosed in a bottle.

The fragrances can be addressed to the person who will wear it, using handwritten labels made out to the recipient, making each piece unique. Scent becomes a message that speaks to us.

Every single product is exclusively made in Italy.

Pineider respects traditional Italian craftsmanship methods in order to honour those who love the products of the highest quality.