Refined fragrances to rediscover classical themes in a modern way.

A brand with a great history behind dating back to 1925.
Hugh Parsons Fragrances are unquestionably linked to London, they have its spirit and its essence: all the fragrances are inspired by the most legendary spots, neighborhoods and streets all over London.

Mr. Hugh Edward Lancelot Parsons spent his youth in the English army fascinated by officers’ uniforms and accessories. In 1925 he founded his company in London, 99 Regent Street, as a manufacturer of silk ties and accessories; using his ‘unquestionable style, his collections, his products soon found themselves in leading boutiques in Britain, USA and Europe.
The search for precious raw materials and the finest fabrics combined with sophisticated design and colors, conferred to the brand a great success which uses a particular technique of finishing for all its creations.

Today the Hugh Parsons brand represents style, elegance, and refined details. It is chosen by costumers that want classic products as well as innovative details.
The development of the Hugh Parsons fragrances emulates the Parsons’ historical quest for the finest fabrics in their production of silk ties, by seeking out the best and most precious raw materials to be used in the perfumery.

The careful choice of raw materials and the refined attention to detail are, today as well, the warranty of a style living unchanged throughout the years.

The first Eau de Parfum was created in 1998. The range is composed by 7 different fragrance declinations: they are wholly for man.


“London, where the charm blends
with everyday life, modernity
with tradition”