More than just a name, the result of a unique and shared
EVODY Parfums offers a mood perfumery, images, captured
moments. Authentic olfactory compositions created according
to the desires of the creators. A mother and
daughter and their shared passion were
the commencement of Evody’s exciting
adventure. The name was not chosen
at random as conveyed the idea of evodia,
the “tree of a hundred thousand flowers”
evoking the hundred thousand scents yet to
be created. Searching for new creative talents,
Régine and Cérine opened their first prestigious “niche”
perfumery in 2006 in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés
which they called Evody. They were the first in Paris
to propose rare, intimate and precious fragrances.
Sharing this magical and addictive olfactory environment,
they gradually dreamt of creating their own fragrances.
The perfumes that they create reflect their personality,
their moods and desires…
Encouraged by their clients, the first perfumes created
by Régine and Cérine rapidly became best sellers
in the boutique.
And so was born EVODY Parfums