Pineider containers are handmade by an artisan in Bergamo, a town in the North part of Italy.

The real mahogany raw wood and the design are inspired by the ancient method of delivery the essence of bergamot.
Recent research has shown that people perceive wood to be a noble material, with wood having a positive effect on people’s emotional wellbeing.

The metal parts are personalized and in zamak.

It also composed by 2 labels in precious Pineider carton made in Italy. The colour of the label depends on the fragrance.

pack pineider aperto


The bottle cap is in zamak, covered by hammered deerskin in shades of brown or ivory, always finished with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Leather symbolizes the “aristocracy” of the collection.
a collezione.

tappo pineider-01


It existing the natural raw material and the synthetic raw material: all of them have a different features. To evaluate the quality of the raw materials, the origin of them is determinant.

The Bergamot and Jasmic Sambac used in Orchidea Reale, and the Lemon used in Bianco di Bulgaria are from the south part of Italy, Calabria and Sicilia. In that region the weather and the wind contribute to the perfect growing of them. Actually the Jasmin Sambac from Sicily is becoming very rare.

The Vetiver of Orchidea Reale is from Haiti: it is the most famous and precious Vetiver. It is more green and less smoked and aggressive then the common Vetiver.

The Geranium used in Oud Assoluto is Geranium Bourbon. It is native from Southern Africa but actually is growing also in Russia, Egypt, Congo, Japan, Central America and Europe. The Geranium Bourbon is the most precious kind of Geranium.
The Damask Rose instead is from Bulgaria. It said that the quality of the Rose from Bulgaria is higher than the Rose from Turkey (another country very famous for the farming of Rose).

In Cuoio Nobile is used the Lavander from Barreme (France). The Lavander from this region contains 50% or 52% of Linalool.