About Us

Profumitalia, with deep roots in the world of perfumery, has as its primary aim to propose lines absolutely exclusive perfumery and with strong artistic inclination.
Our projection in a future scenario, reflects the ideals, values and aspirations for which we exist: Exciting with our creations

“First of all, the emotions! Only after the understanding ”
(Paul Gauguin)

Profumitalia co-operates with Cerizza family who, since 1946, has “perfumed” lots of generations.
Aurelio Cerizza, one of the pioneer of Italian perfumery, created fragrances that subsequently made the history of perfumery.
Some years later, the four sons joined him. They are distinguished themselves in the panorama of Italian perfumery, for the proactive approach in terms of originality of the creations and, over the years, signed several successes related to the famous brands in the fashion world.
Profumitalia, after seventy years, is now at the third generation in the perfume industry.

Our mission is to preserve the wonderful Italian artisan tradition, integrating with a managerial and modern vision.

The passion, the feeling of love that the creative act gives, creates beauty.
Sharing the beauty and emotions that a perfume can offer, is without doubt the most sublime aspiration.